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 Electronic Steering Lock diagnostics reset for 



BMW E  Series All Models


E90 E60  E80 

If your

Is displaying YELOW Steering Lock and Pad Lock SIGN on the dash



OR RED Steering and Pad Lock  FAULT Sign

This problem can be caused by many different things 

Electrical Fault,Faulty CAS Module (Car Accessory System),Faulty Electronic Steering Lock Motor or Faulty ESL Circuit Board

(It might not be necessary to rush out and buy a steering column for hundreds of pounds)

We will diagnose the problem so you know exactly which component is failing.

to Reset or Reprogram your CAS or ELV unit  or Update Software to reactivate your steering lock

In many cases we can use our advance diagnostic equipment 

Price from £50 (if you are in London)

Tel: 07506689007

click on picture to watch video


 plastic motor very similar to something found in a child's toy it is not always the cause of lock failure and with the right equipment the problem can often be solved.

We have seen many BMW cars with this fault since 2005. Although we found it shocking that the steering lock is controlled by a cheap

Note: If your dash is showing a YELLOW  steering lock warning sign you need to act quickly before it 

starts showing RED as you will not be able to start  the car.

£50 (if you are in London)

Tel: 07506689007

See us also for BMW Coding!!


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BMW Electronic Steering Lock 


We have successfully helped many

 to resolve Electronic Steering Lock problems without costing the earth.

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