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Porsche Diagnostics and Coding


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We can diagnose all systems including Engine Systems,Air suspension, Airbag,Multifunction,,ABS,

With our advanced diagnostic equipment 

Transmission,Gearbox,Instrument Cluster and many more

Car diagnostics London

is one of the most experienced companies for diagnosing and calibrating Electronic Air Suspension and Electronic Self Levelling Systems on BMW and Land Rover in London and the SE. We have owned and driven many of these vehicles and has developed an intricate knowledge of these systems.

EAS/Electronic Self Levelling Faults

Some Common


Air leaks on Land Rover or BMW X5 air suspension will overwork the pump and eventually set fault codes, or damage the pump, or both. 

Faulty Sensors

Faulty sensors can cause intermittent or  unpredictable operation of the EAS system.

Unseated bags.

This can be caused by springs   being lifted off their seats when vehicle is lifted by hoist /ramp or the springs are too old and keep removing themselves when not under pressure.

Faulty Air Compressor Pump

Faulty 35-way connection at ECU


--Fuse box internal faults

--Faulty wiring

--Faulty door switches

Faulty EAS computer (ECU)

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