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Key Programming

and Reprogramming service also available




Mercedes SRS Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass

Mercedes Seat Occupancy Sensor Decode/Delete service


We can delete Seat Occupancy Sensor Warning Light from your Mercedes without the need to fit emulators or cut wires 

or make any modifications to your vehicle

All Models and Year

C W203  CLK CLS W219 


W211 SL W230 SLK W171


We have years of diagnostics experience and use the latest state of the art equipment

 to decode  Mercedes Seat Occupancy Sensor light form your dash without affecting your airbag or other safety systems.

So if you would like to your fix seat occupancy sensor fault without emulators or modifying your vehicle this is the choice for you. 

Free Diagnostics Check with every delete !!

Price 40 

(visit us in London E17)

Tel: 07506689007

Please call to arrange appointment

If you have any questions about our Mercedes seat occupancy sensor call 07506689007 and we will be happy to help !!


Mercedes W203 Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

 Mercedes CLK Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes CLS W219  Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes W219  Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes W211  Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator 

Mercedes W211 Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulato

MercedesSL Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes W230 Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes SLK  Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator

Mercedes W171 Seat Occupancy Sensor Bypass no Emulator


















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Latest News


We  have recently invested in the latest range mileage correction and airbag reset equipment. So we can now correct mileage on any vehicle even the latest 2014 models. Most without removing the dash.And clear crash data on a wide ange of SRS modules.

Mercedes Eis Key Check

Is your Mercedes key not turning in the ignition? Key not releasing the steering lock?

Not opening the door?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES then give us a call.
This fault can be caused by various components in the car's electronic 
ignition system e.g.the Key, EIS module,ECU or faulty relay and if not correctly diagnosed can prove to be very costly. 

We carry out a comprehensive diagnostic check to rectify the problem or identify the faulty component hence saving you a lot of money.


ECU Remapping


Why not remap your ECU and gain an extra 10 - 35% BHP. We at Car Diagnostics London  are real tuners who have been building, tuning and racing cars for almost 20 years.

Therefore unlike others we are capable of offering a ECU Remapping service eunique to your car.This is done through your vehicle's OBD II socket. We have spent years developing and testing our own tuning files.


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